About Us

Tools Tutor Dot Com is an initiative to help people educate about all kinds of daily tools that they use at home and workplace. We specialize in power tools such as cordless drill, impact driver, hammer drill, corded drill and so on. We also help people know the latest updates in the tools industry. We believe that having proper knowledge is a must for everyone who is an user of any kind of tools.

We help people in two ways. Firstly, we teach people regarding ‘how to’ related queries by different informational posts. Through these posts, readers will know how they can use the tools properly. They will also up to date information regarding the accessories. The second type of posts that we publish regularly are the ‘review’ type. In these posts, we help the readers find the best products in the market as per their needs. We think that it will save the time and money of the readers.

Finally, my name is Redoan. My blog name is ToolsTutor. I am an avid learner. I like to learn and teach people regarding the up to date tools that they use at home and workplace. I continuously update myself about the latest tools that we frequently use. Although I like to learn and share about all kind of tools, I specialize in power tool category.