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Best Budget & Cheapest Cordless Drill Under $50 [2023]

How many times you tried to find a suitable cordless drill but failed because of the budget? In this article, I am going to help you find the best budget cordless drill under $50. If you independently research the cheapest cordless drills, you may become dumbfounded to choose the suitable one among all the brands and models. Therefore, this article will help you as a guide to select the best cordless drill at a reasonable price.

In modern times, you will get a variety of choices because of innovation and new product development. Cordless drills are replacing the corded drills at a fast pace. Because of the lightweight and portability, these small drills are becoming more and more popular. However, the features and utility of a cordless drill largely depend on how much money you spend on it. The good news is that a cordless drill with a price tag of below $50 can perform almost all kinds of drilling projects. Because of the budget-friendliness, homeowners, contractors, plumbers, and electricians are preferring the low-cost drills. Therefore, I hope this review on the best cordless drills under $50 is going to be a great help for you to choose the perfect power tool.

Best cordless drill under 50 dollars

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill 20V MAX

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill

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In the power tool industry, Black & Decker is one of the most renowned names. Other than good quality cordless drills, they are popular in kitchen and home appliances as well. The LDX120C model cordless drill is one of the most popular choices if the budget is below 50 bucks. It is a lithium-ion powered drill with a 20-volt max voltage. It ensures the maximum torque of 115 inches-pounds for heavy-duty projects. The drill has a maximum speed of 650 rpm.

It has 11 clutch settings that allow you to control the torque for different kinds of objects such as wood, metal, plastic, and so on. You can do all kinds of screw-driving tasks with it. This Black and Decker under $50 drill will allow you variable speed with countersinking. Therefore, there is no chance of damaging the material during drilling or driving screws. For working in confined projects, you need a lightweight drill. This unit is one of the most popular drills for projects where you need to drill in one hand.

If I summarize the advantages of BLACK+DECKER LDX120C cordless drill, then it is a great option for decent power within the budget. It is good for working in confined spaces as well. The reviews from the users are also very good. Therefore, it has been used by thousands of users who want a cheap but trusted cordless drill.

Avid Power Lithium-Ion 20V MAX

AVID POWER 20V MAX Lithium lon Cordless Drill

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Another great choice under 50 is Avid Power 20 volt max cordless drill. It has a powerful 20-volt max battery with 1.5 AH capacity. It has the option to insert a USB port that can charge your cellphone. To give you precise control over the torque, it has 16 different clutch settings. Because of this variable torque setting, it can prevent screw stripping. This below 50 cordless drill is good for working with objects such as wood, ceramic, plastic, and even metal.

Avid Power 20 volt Max drill has an ergonomic design. It has a rubber-coated handle to ensure a powerful grip. Therefore, you can work with one hand comfortably. The variable speed of this unit will allow you to reach up to 550 RPM which is quite good for a drill under $50.  The most positive feature of this Avid Power cordless drill is the 22 pcs of free accessories. The accessories include 10 pcs of useful drill bits and 10 pieces of driver bits.

If I summarize the advantages of this budget cordless drill then I would mention the free accessories first. Apart from that, the ability to connect with a USB port to charge external devices is another great feature of it. Besides, it has a charge indicator. Therefore, you will always have an idea of when to recharge the device. Moreover, it has one of the most popular budget cordless drills under 50 dollars.

GOXAWEE Cordless Drill

GOXAWEE Power Drill Set

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If you want a cordless drill and screwdriver combo within a reasonable price, then GOXAWEE is the best choice. It has so many good features that have made it the ultimate choice for thousands of loyal users. It is a good-looking cordless drill that can be a good option as a gift for your husband or any of your dearest ones.

The maximum of the budget cordless drills come without any battery. You need to purchase it separately which costs you additional money. This GOXAWEE power drill provides you 2 pcs of 1500 mAH batteries for free. Therefore, it won’t kill your time if you run out of the battery charge. There is always a spare battery that you can use and charge the other. It has 18 adjustable chuck settings that help users work in different types of projects. The maximum torque of this unit is 30 NM or 255 inch-pounds. It also has two gear settings for different variable speeds.

The battery charger charges the battery faster. A regular charger will take around 3 to 4 hours to get the battery fully charged. But this fast charger will take around one hour to get the job done. Apart from these, it has a keyless chuck, 100 different free accessories, and many other attractive features.


BLACK+DECKER 8V MAX Cordless Drill

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If your budget is very low and you intend for not that much heavy use, then Black and Decker 8-volt cordless drill is the best choice. This under $50 cordless tool can be your best companion for the basic drilling needs. You can recharge this unit with your phone charger. Therefore, there is no need to remove the battery and get an extra accessory to charge the battery after use. It is good for a small project for the homeowners or doing small works around the house.

Do you know that less is more in many occasions? Let me give you an example. If you have light furniture that needs to be screwing. If you use a large and powerful drill or driver, then the chance is high that you will damage the furniture if you are not good at handling these power tools. Therefore, a small tool like this Black and decker 8-volt cordless drill is a great option for tightening the cabinets or fixing the toys where a powerful drill will be too risky to use. It works great for winding coils as well. One small drawback of this unit is that it is a single-speed drill. Therefore, you need to do the job a little more carefully. But the extremely low price will compensate for the drawbacks.

Genesis 18 Volt GCD18BK

Genesis GCD18BK 18 Volt Cordless

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Another good option for cordless drill under $50 is Genesis. The size of the keyless chuck of this unit is 3/8 inches. The number of torque setting of this Genesis cordless drill is 16. Compared to other similar models in the market, the torque customization option of this unit is great. It also includes an in-built LED light. If you are an old user of cordless drill then you must know the importance of inbuilt light of a drill. When you are working in dark, you do not need to struggle with the screws.

Genesis 18 volt cordless drill comes with a great number of free accessories. One rare feature of this unit is that it comes with the batteries. Many of the budget cordless drills will not provide you this expensive accessory for free. Other than the battery, you will get 13 different drill bits and drivers with a nice storing case.

If I summarize the advantages of this Genesis power tool, then the inexpensive price will come first. Other than that, it comes with several free accessories. The battery can serve up to 5 hours that is great. But the type of battery is Ni-Cd. I always prefer Li-ion batteries over Ni-Cd.  

Ryobi 18V Cordless Drill P208 One+

Ryobi P208 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Drill/Driver

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Ryobi is a reputed name in the power tool industry. The 18-volt cordless drill from Ryobi is one of the best options for the persons who are looking for a cheap and inexpensive, yet efficient cordless drill. With this popular cordless drill under 50, you can change the drill bits without a chuck key. You just need to put the bit into the chuck and activate the drill. It will automatically lock the bit.

It has 24 different chuck position that has made this cordless drill suitable for different applications. It has an inbuilt tray to store the necessary bits or drivers. Therefore, when you are up on the ladder, you can access different bits without climbing down. Like all the good quality budget cordless drills, Ryobi P208 One+ has a rubber-coated handle to give you a strong grip during operation. To give you illumination during working in dark, it has an inbuilt illumination system.  

Now let us summarize the advantages of this Ryobi cordless drill. The of this unit is keyless. Therefore, it easy to change the drill bits. It is run by good quality Li-ion battery instead of Ni-Cd. The changeable gear controls the speed of this power tool. The number of clutch setting is also higher than that of the competitors. Overall, it is one of the best cordless drills under 50 dollars. However, it does not come with the battery. You need to purchase it separately.

Hi-Spec Combo Cordless Drill Driver 18V

Hi-Spec 58pc Yellow 18V Cordless Power Drill Driver

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This 18-volt Hi-Spec cordless drill is another popular name in the low budget category. You will get a lot of features at the expense of a little money. It is a great option for everyday home drilling and driving activities. The battery capacity of this inexpensive drill is 1500 mAH. The overall weight of this unit is very low. Therefore, it is suitable for projects where lightweight drills are preferred.

To make it compatible with different materials from woods to metals, it has 16 variable torque settings. The maximum no-load speed of this unit is 500 RPM. The feature of this Hi-Spec cordless drill is the number of free accessories. You will get 58 different drilling accessories. Therefore, it will spare you from purchasing extra drill bits or drivers. All the common types of bits and drivers are included. Apart from the accessories, you will get a free carry case to keep the accessories organized and clean. Overall, it works great with objects such as softwoods, nonferrous metal, glass, and so on. You can use it for daily household projects such as repairing the furniture, fixing an electric appliance, drilling through the wall or wood, and so on.

TACKLIFE Cordless Drill 12V

If you are looking for the best inexpensive cordless drill under the budget for DYI, then TACKLIFE is going to be a great choice for you. It has so many unique features within this range that it has been accepted by thousands of power tool users. Firstly, the Li-ion battery of this unit has a longer life with 2 AH capacity. Therefore, it supplies uninterrupted power for heavy projects. It can handle 150 pcs of screws on a softwood with a single charge.

Longer charging time is a common problem for cordless drill users. This TACKLIFE drill takes only one hour to get fully charged. Therefore, when you take some rest while working, the drill can get recharged in the meantime. Another great feature of this unit is the keyless chuck. It has an automatic spindle lock system that allows you to change the drill bits even with one hand. It has two variable speeds that will give your maximum of 1300 RPM speed. The maximum torque you get with this drill is 240 inch-pounds.

You will get 24 pieces of free accessories with this TACKLIFE cordless drill. You will get the majority of the common drill bits and drivers with it. Therefore, you do not need to buy these additionally. All other good features such as LED light, ergonomic design, and so on are also present in this budget cordless drill.

Cacoop Cordless Drill 20V

CACOOP 20V 1/2” Cordless Hammer Drill

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Another popular name in the budget cordless drill category is Cacoop. Although inexpensive, it comes with a brushless motor. You may already know the advantage of a brushless motor. It provides at least 30% more power than that of a regular motor. Therefore, you will get longer battery life. The service life of this type of motor is also more than that of a regular one.

The maximum torque of this unit is around 400 inch-pounds which is great. The total number of torque setting of this Caccop drill is 22. Therefore, you can use this cordless tool for different types of projects – from heavy to light. It has two different speed options with a maximum speed of 1600 rpm. Compared to other low budget cordless drills, it will provide you higher torque and speed.

Now let us talk about the battery. It will run with a 2000 mAH Li-ion battery. The capacity of the battery is higher compared to other models with a similar price range. The drill is equipped with an overcharge protection system that saves the battery from unwanted damage due to high temperature and overcharging. The battery will come as a free accessory with the drill with is a rare feature that you expect at his price range. 

EnerTwist Cordless Drill 20V Max

EnerTwist 20V Max Cordless Drill, 3/8 Inch Power Drill Set

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Another great choice as a low-cost cordless drill is EnerTwist. It is powered by a 20-volt lithium-ion battery that ensures steady power supply and longer battery life. The maximum speed you get with this inexpensive cordless drill is 700 RPM. It can perform both fastening and drilling operations. The maximum torque that can be generated with this unit is 180 inch-pounds. For working in dark areas, it is included with an LED light that ensures your safety.

The total number of adjustable torque settings of this unit is 19. To make sure a better bit retention, it has a large chuck of 3/8 inches. Apart from these, it has a magnetic bit holder, forward and reverse speed option, variable speed trigger, and many other good features. Apart from all these good features, I would like to mention one or two drawbacks. It does not include a fast charger that you will get with other good quality cordless drills. It takes around 4 hours to get the battery fully charged. It has no multiple gear options. Therefore, you will have to be satisfied with a single speed. Other than these, I think this EnerTwist under 50 dollars cordless drill is a great choice for light to moderate projects.

Stalwart 20V Cordless Drill 75-PT1004

Stalwart 75-PT1004 20V Lithium Ion 62 Pc Cordless Drill

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Another great name in the low price cordless drill is Stalwart. The 20-volt lithium-ion battery-powered cordless tool is a popular choice for the people who are looking for a powerful cordless drill at a minimum price. It has few mention-worthy features that I am going to discuss in the next paragraphs.

The maximum torque of this unit is 35 NM or 310 inch-pounds. It has two different gears for different speed options. The maximum speed you get with this unit is 1400 rpm without any load. It has different kinds of drill bits as a free accessory. These will serve more than your daily necessity. The drill bits you will get include flat heat bits, hex bits, and torx bits. The accessory includes a flashlight to work in the dark. Besides, you will get a magnetic bit holder to keep the drill bits organized.

The stalwart 20-volt cordless drill has 18 different torque settings. It has made the drill suitable for projects at home and outside. If you do not use the drill frequently then no tension about the battery. It can hold the change up to 18 months. After that period, you need to recharge the battery to save it from permanent damage. Considering all these features, I think it is one of the best cordless drills under $50 in the market.

GALAX PRO Cordless Drill 20V

GALAX PRO 20V Cordless Drill Driver

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Another great option as the best budget cordless drill is GALAX PRO. It has a 2-speed gear setting that can provide up to 1500 rpm speed. For greater torque, the lower speed is required. Therefore, if you want higher torque, work on gear number one. This GALAX PRO cordless drill has 20 variable torque settings. The highest torque of this unit is 255 inch-lbs. It can work against different kinds of objects such as stone, wood, metal, plastic, and so on. It also works great as a screwdriver.

Another great feature of this cordless drill is the compactness. For this feature, it can work in projects where it is difficult to reach. This feature also reduces fatigue due to working for a long time. For working in low light areas, this inexpensive cordless drill has an inbuilt LED light. It has both forward and reverse speed options. Therefore, you can switch between drilling and driving within seconds. You will get a fast charger as a free accessory with it that takes only around half an hour to recharge the 1.3 AH battery. Considering all these features, I highly recommend this GALAX PRO as an inexpensive cordless drill for your household and outdoor projects.

Buying guide – How to choose the right cordless drill around 50?


A cordless drill under 50 comes with a battery having capacity from 1.3 AH to 2 AH. That is a quite high range. We always prefer a higher capacity for longer battery life. Therefore, always prefer a cordless drill with a higher battery capacity. For a budget cordless drill, I think 1.5 AH is the most common. However, higher is not uncommon though.

Now come to the voltage. A budget cordless drill may have varying voltage as well. If your intended use is for light household projects, then I wouldn’t mind an 8-volt drill. However, if you have to deal will concrete and metal, then I would recommend getting a 20 volt or 18 volt cordless drill. You will see that Ni-Cd and Li-ion both types of batteries are available. I would recommend choosing the later one for better performance.


The number and type of accessories are an important factor during purchasing a cordless drill under 50$. You may or may not have used a cordless drill before. If you have used it before, you should have some accessories with you already. Therefore, when you are purchasing your second cordless drill, you may save some money by choosing the one with less or no accessories. If you strictly restrict your budget at 50, then you may get a power drill with higher torque and speed if you choose the one with fewer accessories.

On the other hand, if it is going to be your first cordless drill, then choose the one with the maximum number of accessories. It will save your money from buying the necessary items such as drill bits, drivers, and so on. You may also check whether the accessories include a fast charger or not. If your project needs quick charging time, then a fast charger is important to you. Other important accessories include the magnetic drill bit organizer, flexible shaft, extended bar, and so on.

Size and weight of the drill

From our experience, we have seen that majority of the users who look for a cheap and inexpensive cordless drill, they use it for simple home and light outdoor projects. Many of the users of this segment are not professional. Therefore, the drill under 50 should be small and lightweight. However, if the intended use is heavy projects, then you may need to consider the weight and size. But the bigger cordless drills for heavy projects are expensive as well which do not belong to the drills we are discussing.

Gear and torque

A budget cordless drill may or may not have multiple speed options. If you work in different types of projects then variable speed is important for you. In that case, get a drill with variable speeds. A lower speed will save the light objects from getting damaged due to high speed. Therefore, you may need the drill with multiple gear options. You will find different numbers on the cordless drill that signifies the torque and speed of it. You may read our article if you do not know the meaning of the numbers on a cordless drill.


A motor can be brushed or brushless. A brushless motor will give better performance and quiet operation. It will consume lower battery and hence, gives longer run time.  Although the brushless motor is not very common in a budget cordless drill, still it is not very rare either. If other features match your requirements, try to choose the brushless one.

FAQ – What people frequently ask about a budget cordless drill?

What can I do with a budget cordless drill?

The feature range of a budget cordless drill is quite wide. You will get the cordless tool within a limited budget that can perform moderately heavy-duty projects. You will also find a tool within the same budget that is suitable for light-duty work only. Therefore, it is important to figure out what you want to do with it. After that, according to your needs, you should choose the perfect one. For example, if you do not need higher torque, then a less powerful drill can save you some money.

Is the battery comes as a free accessory with a cordless drill under 50 dollars?

A few low priced cordless drills come with the free battery. Therefore, when purchasing the right cordless drill within a certain budget, do not only check the price tag. You should also check the number of accessories you are getting with it. Otherwise, you may need to spend a substantial amount of money on the accessories. The battery is the most expensive accessory of a cordless drill. Therefore, you should check whether you are getting it for free. If you do not get it for free, then check the features of the drill and judge whether the features justify the price.

What are the necessary accessories for an inexpensive cordless drill?

Whether expensive or inexpensive, you must need drill bits and drivers with a cordless drill. These are the basic. You may need drill bits suitable for concrete or wood. Therefore, if you are getting your first cordless drill, then check whether you are getting these accessories with it. Other than these, a magnetic bit organizer is also important to keep the drill bits and drivers organized and clean. Besides, you may also need some other accessories according to the type of projects you are working on.

Does the cheapest cordless drill come with inbuilt LED light?

The majority of the cheap cordless drills come with an inbuilt illumination system. However, the type of light may vary. Few brands provide external flashlight to work in dark. But I would recommend purchasing the drill with an inbuilt LED system.

Is the keyless chuck feature necessary for an under 50 cordless drill?

I think it is a necessary feature of a good cordless drill regardless of the budget. If you are busy working with so many things at a time, you may need to change the drill bits too often. Therefore, you need it to be plug and play. Even if you are not busy, who wants a keyed chuck when there is a keyless chuck feature available in the majority of today’s cordless drill?

Bottom line

I think now you have a comprehensive idea about which cordless drill under $50 is the best for your intended use. Everyone does not use it for the same reason. Therefore, I have tried to make my list longer so that you may find a suitable power tool for your drilling or driving projects. I hope it will help you make a better decision. However, you may read the buying guide thoroughly even before reading the review of the best cordless drills under $50. The FAQ will also be a great help for you as I have written it from my long experience with power tools.