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How To Convert A Cordless Drill Into Corded?

What to do with a cordless drill when the batteries are dead? Find a new battery pack right? You can convert the cordless drill into a corded one instead. The corded drill has some advantages over the cordless one. Therefore you may love to directly connect with the AC power. In this article, I am going to show you how you can convert a cordless drill into corded. Follow me.

Conversion process

Convert when the batteries are dead

Do not attempt to convert the cordless drill into corded unless the batteries are out of order. Batteries are expensive. You don’t want to waste these expensive accessories. However, when the batteries of a cordless drill are dead, you can interchange the batteries if the batteries are from the same brand.

Find the correct AC to DC adaptor

The charger of your cordless drill is not the perfect AC to DC adaptor to run the drill directly with AC current. The reason is that although the voltages are the same, the amperage of the battery and the charger are not the same. Therefore you have to find out an adaptor that has the same voltage and current as of the battery. For example, if the voltage of the battery is 20 volts then the voltage of the adaptor has to be 24 volts. The current or amperage of a drill usually ranges from 5 to 10 amps. Therefore you need an adaptor that can supply the similar current that requires to run the drill properly.

Open the battery pack

Open the battery pack and remove the batteries. Try to find out the polarity of a battery. Now take a soldering iron and shoulder two different wires with the positive and negative poles.

Find a female port

Find a female port and detect the polarity of it. Now solder the extension wires with the female port that you have just extended from the positive and negative poles of the drill. After the soldering is done install the female port into the battery housing.

how to use cordless drill without battery?

To use a cordless drill without a battery you need to connect the drill directly with the power source. Cordless drills are powered by DC current. Therefore, you need a AC to DC converter and then connect the drill with the adapter following the process I have just described above.