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Dewalt DCD771C2 Cordless Drill Review

Dewalt DCD771C2 is a renowned model of cordless drill in today’s market. It is a 20-volt drill powered by lithium-ion batteries to give you a longer run time. We all know that Dewalt is one of the most reputed cordless drill manufacturers that produce power tools for the toughest projects. Dewalt DCD771C2 is like the other models of the cordless drill of this company that can handle robust projects. In this review of Dewalt DCD771C2 cordless drill, I am going to share with you my knowledge about the features of this DCD771C2 model with detailed pros and cons. I will also differentiate it from other reputed models of different brands to draw a comparison.

Dewalt DCD771C2 has the following features

Speed and torque

This power tool gives you excellent speed transmissions with two gear options. At a lower speed option, you will get the highest speed of 450 rpm at no load. It delivers a speed of 1500 rotation per minute at no load while you choose the higher speed option. This variable speed option is useful for performing different types of drilling and driving projects more conveniently ensuring safety. The torque of this device is divided intro 15 different clutch settings. You may customize the torque as per the needs of the project. If you do not know the meaning of the numbers on a cordless drill, then you may read our article.

Inbuilt LED light

There is a built-in illumination system above the trigger of the drill. The light is small but the utility of it is great. It can illuminate a dark place where it is difficult to work without any external light. Therefore, if you are working in any such places where you need an external source of light, this Dewalt drill can be a great choice.


Dewalt DCD771C2 is lightweight and compact. I think you know the importance of a cordless drill to be light enough to hold it with one hand. The weight of this unit is only 3.64 lbs. Therefore, you can work a long time with it without feeling any fatigue.

Maintenance requirement

Dewalt DCD771C2 cordless drill has no maintenance requirement. If you use it properly, it can give you service for a long without any interruption. However, you need to keep the machine clean and organized. If you do not use the drill for long, then recharge the battery at least once every three months.


Dewalt DCD771C2 is run by a 20-volt max powerful lithium-ion battery. It means, it is equivalent to an 18-volt battery but you can get the highest voltage of 20V from it. The nominal voltage of the battery is 18 volt. If you do not know much about these technicalities, you may read my article on the differences among 12 volt, 18 volt, and 20 volt batteries of power tools. The battery capacity is 1.3 Ampere hour which is not bad. You will get a compact charger with it as well. Overall, the reviews of the users regarding battery life and power consistency are great.


The motor of the Dewalt dcd771c2 cordless drill is of moderate quality. Although it is not brushless, the lithium-ion battery gives it at least 75% more run time. The motor of this Dewalt drill gives 300 unit watt out of power. It is an indicator that this DCD771C2 cordless drill is capable of handling almost any kind of home project with a maximum of 530 inch-pounds of torque.


What free accessories do you get with this Dewalt DCD771C2 cordless drill? Most importantly, you will get two lithium-ion batteries that are required to run this drill. It will save you enough money as the batteries are the most expensive accessories of power tools. It also comes with a handy carrying bag that you will not get with most of the other cordless drills. The bag is durable and a good option to keep the drill and the accessories organized. Other than these, you will get the battery charger.

Dewalt DCD771C2 – areas to improve

From the reviews of the users, I see that most of them are quite happy with the performance of this cordless drill. All the negative comments I have found was about the battery. All the problems had a common pattern. The batteries went dead after using a few days. Therefore, I would recommend checking the batteries thoroughly when you purchase this DCD771C2 model. If the batteries do not fail in the first few days, then you may expect that they have no problem. However, even if you find any issues with the batteries, you may claim the 90 days money-back guarantee. They will refund you with no question asked. Other than this little issue, I do not find anything worth mentioning.

Comparison of Dewalt DCD771C2 with other similar cordless drills

Dewalt DCD771C2 vs Dewalt DCD777C2

Although the model numbers are quite similar, these two cordless drills have features that are quite different. The first major difference I would like to discuss is the motor quality.  DCD777C2 has a superior brushless motor while the counterpart has a regular motor. A brushless motor runs more smoothly and consumes less power. Therefore, DCD777C2 will have at least 30 percent more runtime. The wattage of this model is 200 that is around 33% less than that of the counterpart. But the torque you get from these two is almost the same.

The weight and dimension are other differentiating features of these two models. The weight and dimension of DCD777C2 are 2.6 lbs and 12.5 x 3.75 x 9.81 consecutively. Therefore, it is lighter and smaller than the counterpart. If you are counting on portability and compactness, then I would recommend you Dewalt DCD777C2.

Because of the better-quality motor and compact feature, DCD777C2 has a higher price tag that is justified. All other features of these two cordless drills are quite similar. Both of the models have lithium-ion batteries, they produce almost the same amount of torque and speed. Therefore, in terms of application, both are almost equal.

Dewalt DCD771C2 vs Dewalt DCD708C2

There are few major differences between DCD771C2 and DCD708C2 models of the Delwat cordless drill. Motor quality is the major difference I would say. For example, DCD708C2 has a brushless motor which creates more torque and speed. The motor power of DCD708C2 is 340 that is also higher as expected. As the motor quality is better, DCD708C2 has a higher price tag as well.

Other than the motor and the subsequent torque and speed, DCD708C2 weighs more than the DCD771C2 model. The weight of this unit is 5.6 lbs. It is almost 60 percent heavier than the other. Therefore, weight is a concern for you, then you should go with the 771C2 model.

Other than these, both of the cordless drills have keyless chuck having a dimension of ½ inch. Both of the drills will give you the same accessories. They come with 2 good quality lithium-ion batteries. Finally, if you intend to use the drill for heavy projects, then the 708C2 model is preferable. Otherwise, for regular residential jobs, 771C2 is quite sufficient.

Dewalt DCD771C2 vs Dewalt DCD791D2

Dewalt DCD791D2 is a far better cordless drill if we compare it with the DCD771C2 model. When it comes to the point of motor, then DCD791D2 has a superior brushless motor that produces less noise and gives higher runtime. Although both of the drills have two different gear settings, DCD791D2 produces higher speeds as expected. It can produce a maximum of 2000 rpm at no load.

The power rating of the DCD791D2 cordless drill is 460 where the counterpart has only 300. Therefore, it can produce higher torque and therefore, capable of handling heavy-duty operations. Although both of the models have an inbuilt LED light, the light of the DCD791D2 model is far brighter. Both of the models have almost similar weight. But the dimension of DCD791D2 is far more than the DCD771C2 model. Therefore, it is not good for portability and is not considered as compact. Another important difference between these two models is the battery capacity. Dewalt DCD791D2 has batteries with 2.0 AH capacity where the counterpart has only 1.3 AH. Therefore, it is expected that the D2 model will run much longer.

Pros and cons of Dewalt DCD771C2


This Dewalt cordless drill is constructed with durable steel. It is compact and lightweight as well. For different drilling and driving projects, it allows you two different speed options. The motor of this unit is durable and sturdy. It has an ergonomic handle to ensure your comfort and safety during operation. The price of this unit is also less than the generated value.


Although it is sturdy enough to do the jobs for your home, I will not recommend it for heavy-duty projects. Other than this, it is difficult to find a drawback of this Dewalt cordless drill DCD771C2.

What users say about Dewalt DCD771C2

I have found both positive and negative comments from the reviews of the users. But I would say, around 95 percent of users provided a positive review. A common experience of the users is the adaptation of the cordless drill. They were the users of the corded version. But now they are satisfied with this model that they do not want to go back to corded drills. It comes with two batteries. Therefore, they do not need to worry about power.

Another group of the uses liked it as a home grade cordless drill. It is light and compact. Therefore, it is very easy to handle this drill even if you are not a professional. Any kind of project that you do at home, can be performed quite comfortably with this unit according to this group of users.

A common issue that the uses shared is that this Dewalt cordless drill does not have any compartment to hold the spare drill bits. Therefore, when the uses are at the top of the ladder, for example, it becomes difficult to change the drill bit and put a new one.

Dewalt DCD771C2 FAQ

Can I use it for drilling concrete?

Dewalt produces different types of cordless drills for different purposes. This unit is a basic cordless drill from Dewalt that should not be used for frequent concrete drilling. It is not a hammer drill. Therefore, you can use this drill for everyday home drilling and driving except for heavy-duty uses. The unit watt out (UWO) of this unit is 300. I would recommend higher UWO for drilling objects like concrete.

Is the motor of this drill brushed or brushless?

The motor of this unit is a regular type. Therefore, the price of this drill is reasonable. There are different versions of similar cordless drills from Dewalt where they produce a similar product with a brushless motor. A brushless motor is important for better performance and runtime. But as this type of motor is expensive, the price of the drill will be higher if you want this feature.

What is the quality of the battery of this drill?

This cordless drill from Dewalt comes with two Li-ion batteries. The capacity of the batteries is 1.3 ampere-hour. The maximum voltage of these batteries is 20 volts where the nominal voltage is 18 volts. A lithium-ion battery is a better option among all other battery types. However, the capacity of the battery of this unit is not quite satisfactory.

Can this drill produce variable speeds?

This drill can produce two different speeds. The maximum speeds at different gear options are 450 and 1500 respectively. The lower gear setting should be chosen for drilling and driving lighter objects. You will perform the majority of the drilling tasks with this speed. However, heavier tasks are performed with the higher speed setting. But if you require higher torque, then lower speed should be selected.

Bottom line

I think now you have a comprehensive idea about Dewalt DCD771C2 cordless drill for this review. Dewalt produces the best quality cordless drill among all the manufacturers. This company has some common features that they maintain in all the cordless drills they produce. Although it is not an expensive drill compared to other models, it has some features that you find in a premium cordless drill. The quality of the battery, the size, and dimension, speed, and torque of this unit have made it one of the most suitable cordless drill that you expect for your home projects.