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History Of The Power Drill | When & Where Was It Invented?

The invention of machinery has thousands of years of history. Some of the tools were invented a few hundred years back. The majority of the missionaries we are seeing today are modified versions of previously invented ones. Power drills and no exception. We are using modern cordless brushless power drills now. But this drill machine has not evolved overnight. It has a long history of evolution. In this article, I will discuss the history of power drills and tell you how this machine was invented.

The invention of Power Drill

The bode deal was the first invented drill. It was invented in Egypt back in 3000 BC.

The next version of drill that came into the market was the auger drill. It was invented during the Roman age. Right after that, an electric drill was invented.

When and where was the first electric drill invented?

The first electric drill was invented in Australia in 1889 by Arthur Arnot and William Brian. The first electric drill was too large o move from one place to another. Therefore, it was used for stationary drilling works.

The portable electric drill was invented in 1892 by Wilhelm Fein and Carl Fein. The invention creates a revolution in the industry. The workers then started to work extensively after getting access to a portable power drill.

In 1917, Black and Decker made another revolution to the industry. They invented a drill that had a trigger and the design was like a pistol. After this, many other companies brought new models of portable drills with different attachments. It made the drill more versatile.

The invention of the cordless drill

There is controversy regarding who the inventor of the cordless drill is. However, it is widely accepted that Black and Decker invented the first cordless drill in 1961. Although Makita also marketed the cordless drill to the mass people in 1978 for the first time. Therefore, people often mistakenly credit Makita to be the inventor of the cordless drill.

Drill bits were invented a thousand years earlier than the power drill. People used these tools for boring.

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