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What Is A Compact Drill? | With Features & Examples

You may have heard this term ‘compact drill’ if you are a frequent user of power tools. In this article, I am going to elaborate on what a compact drill is. When you intend to purchase, you may encounter many different types of drills that may make you confused. Therefore, you should know the frequently used terms like this.

Defining a compact drill

The compact drill is a type of drill that we use for projects where regular drills are difficult to operate due to space constraints. Ordinary drills are bulkier. Therefore, these are not suitable for working in tiny spaces. On the contrary, compact drills are smaller. For this reason, these are fit for tight and angular areas. There is no defined specific size for a compact drill. But in general, they are smaller than regular ordinary bulkier drills.

Features of a compact drill

Some compact drills have rotating heads. Therefore, you can adjust the position of the drill even though it can not enter the working place properly. The flashlight is also a common feature of a compact drill that you can expect. As the difficult to reach places are often dark, in-built illumination is a great help. Magnetic heat is also an expected feature of a compact drill. You may need to pass the drill through a tiny space. Therefore, you may not be able to use both of your hands while working with a screw. In this situation, the magnetic feature will make the job easy for you.

What is the use of a compact drill?

Have you faced difficulties working with a small cupboard or a cabinet? It is a very common problem that the tools and accessories can not be used properly if there is an angle. If the working area is too tiny, then you may face the same problem. Compact drills are designed in a way so that you can handle it onehandedly if necessary. Some people do not require a big and heavy drill. For example, for construction workers, a drill is a tool that has to use too frequently. Therefore, instead of a regular machine, a compact drill is preferable for him. Persons who need to carry a toolbox should also prefer a small and compact drill instead of bulkier ones to accommodate all the necessary tools.

Types of Compact Drills

Compact drills can be divided into two broad categories – corded and cordless. Corded compact drills are more powerful than cordless ones. But the problem is the dangling cords that may not be suitable for all working sites. On the other hand, you will enjoy the full compactness with the cordless ones. The problem with this type is limited battery capacity. Therefore, for a longer project, you should keep spare batteries with you to carry out the work relentlessly.

Our suggested compact drills

BLACK+DECKER Corded Electric Drill

If you are budget concerned, then BLACK+DECKER corded compact drill is a better suggestion for you. The amperage of the motor of this unit is 4 amp that will give you the required power to get the job done. It prevents the overdriving of the screws with the 11 position clutches. It is suitable for the persons who need to work constant types of tiny projects and the working frequency is high. Therefore, a wired compact drill is preferable not to fall short of juice.

Bosch PS32-02 Cordless Drill Driver

One of my favorite brands in a compact drill is Bosch. This PS32-02 model small cordless drill weighs only 2 pounds which is impressive. Although the voltage of the battery is only 12V, the brushless motor ensures the least amount of power consumption. The highest speed that you get with this drill is 1300 rpm. At high torque setting, the maximum achievable speed is 400 rpm. The total number of the clutch setting of this unit is 21 that is impressive for a tiny little cordless drill.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill

If you need a compact yet powerful drill machine, then this DEWALT 20V model is just perfect. The weight of this unit is only 2.6 pounds. The maximum torque that you get with it is 500-inch pounds. It is more than enough power that you expect from a smaller drill. It has an inbuilt LED to illuminate the darker places. To cover a wide range of operations, it will provide you 340 units of watt output. Overall, it is not only suitable for a specialized project but also other simple drilling and driving works.

Bottom line

So, what is a compact drill? I think now you have a comprehensive idea about it. The type of drill you need depends on the work you do. Therefore, before deciding on a compact drill, assess your requirement, and then decide.