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Why Do Cordless Drills Spark?

The sparking of a cordless drill is normal. In a cordless drill, the spark may produce due to the friction between the carbon brushes and the commutator. You cannot avoid the friction. Therefore a little spark is nothing to worry about. However, if the drill produces sparks there is seen from the outside then it can be a problem. Throwing away sparks outside the grill is not normal. In this article, I will discuss the reason for a cordless drill to make sparks. I’ll also discuss when you should be concerned about the sparks and how to deal with them.

Is sparks in cordless drill normal?

Sometimes a little spark from the cordless drill is normal. How do you understand that the spark is nothing serious? Firstly, the spark will not come out of the housing. The little sparks and flashes will be difficult to notice. There will be no smell, smoke, or smell of burnt plastic.

Below are the reasons why the little sparks are created in a cordless drill.

Friction between the carbon brushes and that commutator

In the past, the brushes of a cordless drill were made of copper. In recent times the brushes are made of carbon. The commutator of the drill runs against the brushes. The commutator helps change the magnetic field of the drill and keep it running.

When the commutator runs against the brushes friction happens. Due to the friction, it creates sparks. Therefore, sparks are natural. But if the sparks get out of the casing it can be a concern.

Sparks during starting and stopping the drill

Some cordless drills have braking systems. Sparks can be generated when you try to stop the drill using the brakes. If the drill is running at high speed it is normal that sparks will produce. However, if the spark comes out from the drill then it might be a problem.

Break in the carbon brushes

Sometimes when you use the cordless drill for the first time it may create sparks. The carbon brushes sometimes need to be broken in when you use the drill for the first time. Therefore, spark during the first few days of using a cordless drill is normal.

How do you know the sparks are abnormal?

To be 100% sure that the sparks getting out of the drill are not normal check the following symptoms. Any of these symptoms indicate that the sparks are dangerous.

  • The color of the park is white.
  • Sparks are getting out of the drill casing.
  • They do not create due to the brush motion.
  • Sparks are irregular and sudden. Sometimes they are violent.
  • They are generated from the power socket.
  • Sparks are getting out of the battery.

How to fix the drill that sparks

Sometimes fixing the Drill will cost you as much as a new one. Therefore, if you are using a brushed cordless drill then replacing it with a new one will be a good idea if we have used the drill for a substantial time.

However, if you still want to repair it by yourself then open the drill and check whether the carbon brush and commutator are working properly.

If you find dirt and debris between the contact points then remove them. If the brushes are worn out then remove them and replace them with new ones.

When you have removed the brushes, clean the commutator so that it can run properly. You can use great paper to clean it.

However, do not forget to take photos when you are getting all the parts out of their position. If you are in difficulties when putting them together, the pictures will be helpful.

Spark can also be generated from the battery area. Disconnect the battery clean it properly and check whether the spark is getting out again. If it is still as before, then get a new battery.

Bottom line

Sparks in the cordless drill are normal. But excessive sparks are a sign of breakdown. Therefore, try to find out the root cause for the sparks and try to fix it by yourself. A brushed cordless drill is not expensive. If you can not fix it by yourself then you can go away with the drill and buy a new one.